Hong Kong International Pop Music 2-day Intensive Program
香港國際流行音樂 2-DAY 密集課程


Date 日期:
September 22 (Sat) 10:30am-12:45pm, 2:00pm-6:15pm
September 23 (Sun) 10:30am-12:45pm, 2:00pm-7:45pm
9月22日(星期六)上午10時30分 至下午12時45分,下午2時至6時15分
9月23日(星期日)上午10時30分 至下午12時45分,下午2時至7時45分

Venue 地點:
Baron School of Music (Arts Centre Campus):

Room 1101, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
伯樂音樂學院(藝術中心分校): 香港藝術中心,香港灣仔港灣道2號1101室

Program fee: HKD $3,800

Program Contents 課程內容:                                                                       
- Showmanship & Improvisation Techniques    表演及即興演奏技巧
- Commercial Arranging Technique    商業編曲技巧
- K-pop Singing Style    韓式流行音樂演唱風格
- K-pop Composing Arrangement   韓式流行音樂作曲及編曲
- Practical Vocal Technique    實用聲樂技巧
- Information session of Berklee College of Music   柏克萊音樂學院課程咨詢講座
- Information session of Seoul Jazz Academy      Seoul Jazz Academy課程咨詢講座


Conducted in English 英語主講

Instructor Details:

Samuel Skau

Assistant Director of International Programs of Berklee College of Music
Alumni of Berklee College of Music

Sam has been in international education for over fifteen years. With a varied background, following studies in economics and political science, and many years of studio and live performance in rock, pop, R&B, and jazz, now a bass player, he originally studied guitar and jazz composition at Berklee College of Music.

Over the last fifteen years, Sam has been involved in various business environments related to higher education, its inter-departmental record-management and business processes, student recruitment and enrollment management, and student services in both, the music and non-music environments. 

Currently, in the Office of International Programs at Berklee, Sam works with a core team managing worldwide academic partnerships and exchanges, and helps to create and lead region & project-specific music education programs around the world.  In the words of Sam, "I believe, as musicians, we have the exceptional advantage of bringing into any professional and business environment, our naturally converging skills into operational strategies that are uniquely collaborative, creative, technical, and harmonious, specifically because we are musicians and we understand team-work and organization intuitively. This is how music works - from composing, to practicing, to rehearsing and performing with our ensembles, and engaging our audiences.




Samuel Skau

Jungbae Kim 金正培

Educator of Seoul Jazz Academy
Renowned Guitarist and Music Producer
Alumni of Berklee College of Music

Seoul Jazz Academy導師

K-pop songs Jungbae worked on include:

- BoA:
    "My Name", "Milky Way"
- Girl's Generation(SNSD) :
    "Into the New World", "Way to go",
    "Merry-go-round", "Oscar", "OH!"
- Tohoshinki:
    "Daytime Moon", "Phantom", "Rainbow", "Remember"
- Super Jr.:
    "HIT", "Hate U, Love U", "Angela"
- SHINee:
    "Senorita", "Real"

Jungbae also works on music for films and TV dramas:

Music Director
- MBC Drama "Look at me, Billy" (2007)

Composer, Arranger, MIDI Programmer and Guitarist Performing:
- SBS Drama "Alone in Love" (2006)
- SBS Drama "City Hall"(2009)
- Movie "Rolling Home with a Bull"

- BoA: 
    "My Name", "Milky Way"
    "重逢的世界", "Way to go",
    "Merry-go-round", "Oscar", "OH!"
    "Daytime Moon", "Phantom", "Rainbow", "Remember"
- Super Jr.:
    "HIT", "Hate U, Love U", "Angela"
- SHINee:
    "Senorita", "Real"

- MBC電視劇“Look at me, Billy”2007

- SBS電視劇戀愛時代2006年)
- SBS電視劇“City Hall”2009
電影“Rolling Home with a Bull”


Jungbae Kim 金正培

Vivian NA

Vocal Trainer and Education Department Director of
Seoul Jazz Academy
Former Vocal Trainer of SM Entertainment and DSP Entertainment, adjunct professor of East Seoul University

Seoul Jazz Academy教育總監
East Seoul University的兼職教授

Vivian has been actively participated in music production with celebrities and artists,  including SS501 Japan concert in Tokyo, Osaka(2006) and Shanghai (2008), KARA, Jungmin PARK (朴政玟), Youngsang HEO, etc. One of her singer students is Kim A Joong (金雅中), actress in “200 Pounds Beauty”(《醜女大翻身》).

積極參與名人和藝人的音樂製作,當中包括SS501在東京、大阪(2006年)和上海(2008年)的演唱會,其他名人如KARA,朴政玟,Youngsang HEO等等都曾與她合作。其歌唱學生包括 "醜女大翻身” 女演員金雅中


Vivian NA 


Winnie Tang 鄧晴羽

Vocal Instructor at Baron School of Music
Jazz and Pop Vocalist
Alumni of Berklee College of Music


Majored in Music at Columbia University in New York, she studied with vocalist, Gigi Hagamatili in Classical voice training. She was later transferred to Berklee College of Music, Boston in 1995, where she pursued her study in Vocal Performance with world-renowned teachers and performers, such as Lawrence Watson, Jerry Secco, and Livingston Taylor. Mastering other genres of music, such as Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Latin music.

She began her professional performing career as a singer during her summer holidays at the age of 17, at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong. And has since been performing at various venues in and outside Hong Kong including Staunton Cafe, Con Fusions, Poison Ivy, Music Room, Aqua, Kee Club, Gecko, Cova (Pacific Place), Bohemian Lounge, Friday Fest at Taikoo Place, Sea-Gaia (Miyazaki, Japan) and many more other venues and functions.

After returning to Hong Kong, Winnie works alongside with numerous renowned Jazz musicians such as Guy Le Claire, Anthony Fernandez, Steve Hunter, Robbin Harris, Sylvain Gagnon, Dan Lavelle, and Rickard Malstein. Winnie also participates in TV commercial jingles and audiophile CD recordings. She is a Vocal Trainer of Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Super Girls , etc

在紐約哥倫比亞大學主修音樂,隨歌手Gigi Hagamatili學習古典音樂歌唱技巧。在1995年,她在位於波士頓的伯克萊音樂學院跟隨世界著名的導師和演奏家繼續研習聲樂,如Lawrence Watson, Jerry Secco,  Livingston Taylor。她精通其他類型的音樂,如流行音樂、RB、爵士樂和拉丁音樂。

她一直在香港及香港以外的各個場館演出,包括Staunton Cafe, Con Fusions, Poison Ivy, Music Room, Aqua, Kee Club, Gecko, Cova (太古廣場), Bohemian Lounge, Friday Fest at Taikoo Place, Sea-Gaia (日本宮崎縣)等等……

返港後,鄧晴羽與眾多著名的爵士音樂人合作,如Guy Le Claire, Anthony Fernandez, Steve Hunter, Robbin Harris, Sylvain Gagnon, Dan LavelleRickard Malstein。她亦有參與電視廣告歌曲和audiophileCD唱片。其學生包括周柏豪和Super Girls等歌手。



Winnie Tang 鄧晴羽

FAQ for Overseas Students 海外學生的常見問題

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