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MC Gold Mountain

Beatbox & Rap 系
Beatbox 導師

INK began beatboxing in 2005 with his crew Dropin’(renamed B-lang in 2006). He was discovered by MC Gold Mountain when he joined Hong Kong cypher at Victoria Park held by Gold Mountain. He then joined Hierophat performance crew and performed in Club Sugar, Club Paparazzi, Danso AP of different universities and Joint School Show of number of secondary schools. He recently performed in “The Magic Moments Leo Ku Concert 2007” and will be on tour with "The Magic Moments Leo Ku Concert 2007” to different countries in the coming 2008. Beside solo beatboxing performing, INK also took part in music production, such as the theme song of the DESIGN GALLERY OPENING and theme song of the TeenMusik (Program of Teen Power). INK is currently working on his group (with MC GoldMountain) album.

Nov Hierophat music showcase @ Club Paparazzi
Dec Absolut Vodka Presents: Absolut Bling Bling @ Club Sugar

March HKU SPACE Danso AP
April VOTACUS (Joint School Show)
April AURORA (Joint School Show)
May Time Square Showcase
May DBS (Joints School Show)
June Shu Yan Danso AP
June Flirtatious Traffic Night @ Club Paparazzi
Sep Dj Motiv8 of (theblackeyepeas) @ Club Sugar
Sep The Magic Moments 古巨基 Concert 2007
Dec Hard Rock Cafe Dance Battle 2008 (Guest Performance)
Dec The Magic Moments 古巨基 Concert 2007 (Malaysia)
Dec Time Square Showcase (Barron Music School)

Jan Absolut Vodka Presents: Absolut Disco Party @ Club Tribeca
Jan Budweiser Show (GoldLabel)
Feb Mocha Show (Chessmen)
March Featuring in 古巨基 song 年年有今日
March Nokia 我系音樂會
April AND1 Streetball Show
May The Magic Moments 古巨基 Concert (Toronto)
June Usher’s In This Club album party
July Eunix 李卓庭 Mini Concert
Sept Chives Music Show (GoldLabel)
Sept Hong Kong Design Gallery Opening Showcase
Oct Union Summer AP
Oct U-zone Charity Show
Nov Beat Out Of the Box (Backstage mini concert)
Dec Winter Festival @ Club Sugar
Dec Count Down @ Macau
Dec 16 Ponte Count Down (十六浦最好的澳門2008除夕倒數晚會)

Jan 16 Ponte Chinese New Year Party (十六浦金牛獻瑞慶新春)
March TDM Concert (棋人唱好舞台音樂會)
March Youth Charity Show
April Joint School Charity Show