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Anthony Fernandes
Pop Music Performance Division

Anthony Fernandes, one of the most popular drum players for recording session and concerts in Hong Kong, has performed for more than 75 Canto Pop Artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan and has played for more than 700 live Canto Pop Concerts (not counting the jazz, latin etc,).

Anthony was born in Calcutta. His Father Ignatius and Uncle Ron Fernandes were top of the line drummers in India so it was only natural that Anthony would be attracted to drums.

A totally self taught drummer being educated only by listening and sitting in with his fathers band from an early age of 7. His major break came at age 15 when he joined the high profile Sonny Lobos Band at the Oberoi Grand Hotel in Calcutta, India and later took over the band as Band Leader at age 18 years, again making him the youngest bandleader in the country. Anthonys band was very popular with the hotels Elite Clientele which forced him to work there for 18 years.

Anthony moved to Hong Kong in 1989 and joined a Dixieland band for 2 years. He went to the USA in 1992 to study Arranging & Composing at the prestigious Dick Grove School Of Music, Los Angeles and was placed on the Deans List as one of the best students for successfully completing the Arranging & Composing Programme.

He moved back to Hong Kong and became the house drummer for the world famous Jazz Club where he performed with Jazz & Blues greats such as: Bob Berg, Richie Cole, Eric Marienthal to name a few.

In addition, Anthony has worked with the Grammy and Academy Award winner Michel Legrand and has to date recorded on more than 250 albums in less than 9 years and has some collections of his performances on Video and CDs.